What repairs are worth making to a house in probated

When you are the personal representative of an estate a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders. One of the largest ones is what to do with the real estate that belongs to the estate. With most estates, probate is the process through which the actions are court-supervised.  Since a deceased person cannot own property, the title should be transferred to the living beneficiary or beneficiaries. It now becomes the responsibility of the personal representative to determine what should happen to the real estate. In many cases, the property will be sold.

Estate properties have often not been occupied in a while, especially if the deceased was ill for a long time and perhaps resided in a nursing home. In an ideal situation, the home would be pristine and would be able to be sold immediately for the highest possible amount. The reality is that the home may be in ill repair, loaded with personal property and not been updated in years. To maximize the amount of return for the estate there are some repairs that will give back more than the expense of actually doing them and others need to be done before a property can be sold.

Clean out is a necessity. It is very difficult to sell a property that is loaded with years worth of personal items. Having an estate sale is a lot of work but it may be worth hiring experts who can not only value the content but can also hold the estate sale for you. After this has been done bringing in a home inspector is important to discover any major issues such as plumbing, electric and roofing issues. These repairs are things that need to be done to sell the home.

In real estate sales, kitchen and bathrooms are what sells a house. But with a probated home, the cost of replacing these rooms may not make sense. Paint is relatively inexpensive and can make a real impact when it comes to buyers. Making sure that the home is clean and bright is important in creating a good impression.

When you are involved in probate in Maryland or probate in Virginia having a real estate agent who is an expert in estate sales can make all the difference. Marc Cormier brings almost 20 years of experience to his customers and you will be doing the best for the estate as its personal representative when you choose him to bring your home to the market.


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