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Probate Realtor Specialists, how do we help the Executor

by Marc Cormier

Probate Realtor Specialists (PRS) are trained professionals who specialize in navigating the probate court system. Their role involves monitoring legal deadlines to ensure they are met, offering guidance on complex legal steps and documentation required as part of the probate process, and minimizing potential disputes between heirs. In addition, a PRS can recommend inspectors, appraisers, contractors, and other professionals necessary to accurately appraise and prepare the property for sale.

PRS realtors guide clients through every step of the marketing, negotiation, sale, and escrow processes, ensuring compliance with the probate court’s rules. They also maintain communication among all heirs, minimizing conflict and making the process easier for everyone involved.

Probate can be avoided by establishing a living trust, owning community property with a spouse, or utilizing joint tenancy with right of survivorship. However, if none of these arrangements are in place, probate is necessary.

When a loved one passes away, certain assets may need to be sold to satisfy debts or distribute the estate equally among beneficiaries. In these cases, an everyday real estate agent may not have the expertise necessary to navigate the complicated probate process. A PRS can provide the knowledge and understanding required to help prep, market, and sell the property in question.

While a PRS isn’t the only professional who can guide you through a probate property sale, their specialized training and certifications often mean that they can provide well-versed and knowledgeable support throughout the process. If you are the beneficiary of property assets that need to pass through probate, a PRS can offer trusted advice and guidance along the way.

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